Universal threat

Der Artikel von @rszbt analysiert die alte Geschichte, wie Banken den „business case“ für die Universalbank aufbauten und so drehten, bis alle Anleger ihnen glaubten. Der Case birgt jedoch grosse Risiken.
Eine gekürzte deutsche Version des Artikels gibt es übrigens hier:

Barbara Bohr, 27.12.2012 (@nachrichtenlos)


A recent DB Research article explains why universal banks are optimal for clients and for financial stability and why it would be wrong to follow proposals to split them up. The arguments are well-known: (1) Universal banks offer a broad range of services. (2) They are able to exploit economies of scale and scope which result in lower costs for customers and the economy. (3) Diversification of operations allows them to realise more stable returns than specialist banks, and (4) broader coverage enables them to better monitor the financial health of clients and to “spot unsustainable risk accumulation across financial markets”. In the current environment, however, in particular for German banks many of these advantages do not fully materialise and, at the same time, there are shortcomings which threaten to undermine global financial stability and to prevent an effective crisis policy.

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