Michael Lewis’ Flash Boys – further comments and links

Da ich bisher selber noch keine Zeit hatte, Michael Lewis‘ „Flash Boys“ zu lesen, möchte ich gerne auf Beates Blogbeitrag verweisen. Er enthält eine gute Zusammenstellung der Reaktionen auf Lewis‘ Buch und damit zum High Frequency Trading.


The publication of Michael Lewis‘ book „Flash Boys“ renewed the general interest in high frequency trading and fuelled the debate about its potential use or harm. After finishing my first compilation of comments and reviews of the book I came upon further interesting and challenging contributions which I would like to share with you.

Zerohedge presented a summary of High Frequency Trading: All You Need To Know writing

“In the aftermath of Michael Lewis‘ book „Flash Boys“ there has been a renewed surge in interest in High Frequency Trading. Alas, much of it is conflicted, biased, overly technical or simply wrong. And since we can’t assume that all those interested have been followed our 5 year of coverage of a topic that finally has earned its day in the public spotlight, below is a simple summary for everyone. …”

There was a very interesting debate on April 4 on Reuters…

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